I am a digital artist based in l’Hospitalet (Barcelona) who works with algorithms, software and light exploring new ways of expression by means of technology and science.

As well as working on my own designs, I also create site-specific digital art to suit any interior design or architectural project to almost any scale.

Works can be printed on backlit textile or, without light, on photographic paper, direct print on aluminium, etc.
Backlit textile is specially indicated for big walls and ceilings because it has almost no limits on size (5 m high x no limit wide).

My inspiration comes from different ideas related to science research, like force fields, quantic particles, networks, and other systems of nature. I am also very interested in the dual nature of light as an invisible wave and as a particle. The series of work called Lightwave explores this dualism
and the possibilities of form in motion.

Light becomes an important element in displaying some of my lightboxes. They are all electronic works created on screen and in order to keep their original appearance they are shown printed on a surface that lets the light come through. The result offers a visual experience and creates a special atmosphere in the space.

Having studied graphic design at La Massana Art & Design Center of Barcelona, I began to work as a graphic designer in several design companies and later in my own studio.

As an artist I have been working for international art consultants and interior designers and I have shown my work in collective exhibitions and recently in a solo exhibition called “Dins la llum” (Inside the light) in Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona).